#LoveWins Pride Cake!

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Pride Cake | Garlic, My Soul

#TBT to last week, folks. Because #lovewins and we’re still excited.

We saw friends and loved ones afforded the constitutional right to marry and we wanted to take another moment to celebrate with them.

Pride Cake | Garlic, My Soul

So in true, Garlic, My Soul fashion, we baked for the occasion. And created an almost foot tall, multi-colored token of our affections, inspired by the couples who headed straight to the court houses in their hometowns to tie the knot. If you didn’t get a wedding cake this weekend, let us offer you this.

Pride Cake | Garlic, My Soul

We know there’s a long way to go before our country is truly free from inequality, a lot of healing needed that cake won’t fix. But we hope each step, large and small, brings us closer to people treating people with humanity, compassion and love.

As a small kitchen note, how great are these colors, right? The GMS kitchen has some brilliant food color gels that we can highly recommend. Being gel, they won’t change the consistency of whatever treat you’re dying. And look at those colors. Bright and proud! Just like our feelings for the Supreme Court.

#LoveWins, y’all. That’s something to celebrate.

Pride Cake | Garlic, My Soul


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