Jamie’s Roast Chicken {In Milk}

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Jamie's Roast Chicken {In MIlk} | Garlic, My Soul

This recipe comes from Jamie Oliver straight to you. We wanted to recreate a delicious salad that we love, but we weren’t sure how to do it right. One thing we wanted to replicate was the amazingly moist and delicious chicken – so we thought roasting a chicken would be the right way to go. Luckily, our good friend (an amazing author) Katie (hi, Kate!) had just posted about this recipe from one of our fave chefs, and off we went on a culinary adventure.

Jamie's Roast Chicken {In MIlk} | Garlic, My Soul

This was definitely the right recipe for the job. We’ll save the amazing salad recipe for a day VERY soon, but for now, go run out and make yourself this Chicken in Milk. Terrible name, delicious recipe. Basically you fry your chicken in butter (so I mean, you absolutely cannot go wrong) and then you mix with garlic, milk, lemon, sage, and cinnamon.

Jamie's Roast Chicken {In MIlk} | Garlic, My SoulJamie's Roast Chicken {In MIlk} | Garlic, My Soul

The butter frying gives it an amazingly crispy skin, and the lemony milk makes a sauce that’s to die for. You don’t have to pay much attention while it’s cooking, and you’re left with an impressive dish that’ll last a few days for meals. Make it this weekend and then next week I’ll show you what to do with the amazing breasts.

Jamie's Roast Chicken {In MIlk} | Garlic, My Soul

When you’re done, use the leftover bones to make broth. Then, you can make yourself a delicious soup. Talk about a two for one deal – the recipe that keeps on giving. What is your fave roast chicken recipe? Have you used Jamie’s recipes before?


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