Inside-out Grilled Cheese

Posted on by Jennie

A few weeks ago, Jeff saw this on the Internet and wanted to try it. Inside-out grilled cheeses ended up being super easy to make, fun to eat, and fast to clean up!

Get ready for your mind to be blown.

Start, of course, with cheese. Always. We used cheddar!

Cheese your bread. Also, make sure your pan is well buttered, so it doesn’t stick.

So you’re going to brown one side, then flip it. Here comes the inside out part…

Put some cheese on the side you just flipped to the top. Ahh, magic.

Now, get ready to flip!

Now repeat with the side, and flip that side down so the cheese melts. Make sure to rebutter the pan so nothing sticks! (I didn’t say this was healthy!)

The inside out cheese gets nice and cripsy, and you end up with a delicious texture on the outside!

Delicious. Double delicious, even!

Serve with tomato soup (arugula, optional) for dipping!






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