“I’m certain I have Obama to thank.”

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The quote is from when we discovered that Saturday and Sunday were free days for the National Parks, so we got into the Grand Canyon for free instead of the usual $25. First hilarious quote of the road trip, so thank you Corelyn.


Hello readers! Sorry it’s been a few days since we’ve updated. We’re currently in Albuquerque with Corelyn’s friend Meg and her boyfriend Mike! We arrived here from The Grand Canyon last night (Sunday) and spent the day with Meg.

But enough about today. You want to know about yesterday, right? I know you do. Since it’s late where we are (we’re losing hours as we cross the borders and the time zones!) I am going to give you a quicker run down of what our day was like. Tomorrow we’ll be on the road for lots of hours, so I’ll have more time to spend updating the blog with photos.

Anyways. Enough of that. Yesterday we got up and did some blogging, then we organized our stuff and hit the road to the Grand Canyon (which I have taken to saying, “Grande Can-youn” with a Mexican-Spanish accent, if you can imagine that). The Canyon was beautiful in the mid-morning as well, and we spent some time getting more photos, doing a little yoga, and generally saying, “Wow! Amazing!” We pulled off the road at some point to see some elk that were very close to the side of the road, snapping shots like all the other tourists around.

We then headed out of the Grand Canyon to Cameron, AZ. Corelyn’s dad is named Cameron, and we had heard good things about the outpost, so we stopped, looked around for a while, gift-shopped, and snapped some photos.

At this point, our phones had finally changed to Mountain Time. It seems that Arizona does not observe daylight savings, so for the better part of Sunday we were constantly unsure of what time it was because we knew that Arizona was in Mountain Time yet our phones had not changed. This caused confusion, however, when I changed the clock in the car…we got back on the road, we thought for good, due to the Albuquerque. Or, so we thought. An hour or so in, we saw a sign for Meteor Crater. Corelyn said, “It’s open until 5. It is five.” To which I said, “No, Arizona doesn’t observed daylight savings. It’s 5 in Mountain Time zone.” You could see how that might be confusing. To which Corelyn said, “Right, so it’s five.” To which I yelled, “No, it’s four, it’s four!!”

Meteor Crater was exactly what it sounded like, and was perfectly delightful, albeit very windy. After spending some time oohing and ahhing the deep, 1 mile across 520 feet deep crater, we headed back to the car, put on some tunes, and cruised to Albuquerque. We arrived around 10 to Meg and Mike, and after unloading the car we ate some dinner, chattered with Meg for a bit, and headed to bed.

The day was fun, fast, and full of sites to see and friends to snuggle. I will post about today tomorrow when today is yesterday and tomorrow is today. Bet that was confusing, huh? Pictures to come…

How was everyone’s Monday?



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