I take it out half way through, and rub it with butter.

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It’s the countdown to Thanksgiving. 4 days. Turkey has been bought. Recipes have been planned, ingredients have been divvied up, magazines have been examined, and we’ve watched Bobby and PW Throwdown. PW has won out, but not before B. Flay taught us that we need to add pomegranate seeds to our Brussels. Wednesday’s evening has been planned, along with making breakfast for Thanksgiving, and preparing for JT’s birthday party on Friday. A three-day friend filled affair that threatens to be the best Thanksgiving yet. With live coverage starting on Wednesday, you can expect that you’ll be seeing every step of the process. Tackling a few PW recipes while we’re at it, here’s to the week before the day that culminates all that Cor and I are, and all we’ve learned this year.



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