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I don’t know if you guys read food blogs, but I often see things on other blogs that I really want to try out – that’s why I started the blog in the first place!

I saw this yogurt how to on the Kitchn, and just knew I needed to try it. It’s such a simple how-to, really: heat milk, cool milk, add yogurt, let set, let cool, enjoy!

This is all you need: milk, yogurt (with active live cultures), a thermometer, and an oven safe, stove safe pot.

I used my dutch oven for this — you need something oven safe, that will hold about a half-gallon of milk.

So dump your milk into your container, and heat it to about 200 degrees.

Grab a half cup of your yogurt.

After your milk gets to 200 degrees, let it cool to about 115 degrees.

Add about a cup of your heated milk to your half cup yogurt, and whisk. Meanwhile, put your oven on to the lowest setting — you’re looking to heat it to about 100 degrees.

Add your cup of half-milk, half-yogurt back to your milk. Now comes the waiting.

Wrap your dutch oven/pot in a couple towels, and place in the heated (but OFF) oven. I left mine there for eight hours, though you could do it in as little as four, according to the Kitchn.

Leave a note if you live with anyone, or if you’re going to have company, or if anyone has keys to your house and might open your oven when you’re not around, so no one disturbs your incubated oven — you want the yogurt to stay at about 100 degrees.

No one has keys to your house and would randomly come over and open your fridge? Oh…well…I mean, me either?

When you come back from the movies (did I mention you should go to the movies while you wait?) your yogurt will look like, well, yogurt! Stick it in the fridge to cool, then the next morning (or after its chilled, you can check on it) you can put in airtight containers, or leave it in the container you used to heat it when cooling, and it’ll be nice and smooth!




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