Homemade, no-knead bread by Liz

Posted on by Jennie

As I mentioned, I cooked with Liz recently and was delighted that she did most of the cooking and I got to watch and take pictures.

One of the recipes she made was a no-knead bread that she had started the day before.

One thing I like about Liz is she always have interesting kitchen tools, such as this flour duster.

She used the flour duster to dust the counter and the bread – something that I find extremely interesting as I hate the feeling of flour. Yes, you’ve heard right: I hate the feeling of flour. I always have. I also hate the feeling of super-fine sand, especially between toes or on rocks. I’m hoping to get over it at some point (as it would make my life devoted to food easier) but for now, I think this flour duster might help me cope.

Anyways, after she heated the dutch oven and shaped the dough into a loaf, she dumped it into the dutch oven and slit three slits in the top.

After we let it cool, we cut into the delicious loaf.

Let me tell you – with butter, or with stew, or with whatever you have this bread was divine. I haven’t made it again, but I might…right now…see you later!




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