Hollywood Farmer’s Market

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It’s time we talk about something very near and dear to our hearts. Every Sunday there is a massive farmer’s market only a few blocks from our humble home. Reason #512 we love our apartments and living in Hollywood. This week, we went to the market and left with a delicious bounty as usual.

pile o' tomatoes



Selecting the best brussel sprouts is serious business. We love brussels and the boys actually like them too. This makes them one of our most often consumed veggies.


DSC_0164DSC_0144We’re on a budget, so we couldn’t indulge in these pumpkins or ginger blossoms. That will have to wait until a little closer to Thanksgiving. You know, when centerpieces become a legitimate necessity…


DSC_0178I am overjoyed.

DSC_0203All the vegetables we have in the kitchen. Most of these were purchased this morning. The rest are from last week’s market. We needed to survey our bounty and cook a couple things right away while they were still good.

DSC_0206The squash and pepper needed to go first, so we threw them in the cast iron and had some eggs with our veggies. It was an excellent Sunday morning, and all of it before noon! Now we’re off to help our new BFF Cricket find a bridesmaid dress! Ciao.


[addtoany] Yum


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