Hollywood Farmers Market + Family

Posted on by Jennie

This past week, my parents have been in Los Angeles. They’d never been, so we got a healthy dose of tourist attractions in to give them the full LA welcome. On their second day, we headed to the Hollywood Farmers Market to show them where we spend our Sundays.


palluzzi_2Obviously we had to stop for coffee, first, to make sure we were ready to face the chaos that is the market.

palluzzi_3Then, we hit the stalls, picking up produce along the way we thought we’d snack on during the week. Asparagus seems to be a favorite among everyone, as did the darling tomatoes that were ripe and delicious fresh from the bag!


Finally, we headed down the sides we never venture down – the prepared food! We needed a little something to snack on after all our hard work – so we got a tamale to share! It was a great idea – the tamale was delicious. We were momentarily distracted by the rosemary bush they were selling, stopping to smell the herb, before heading home!

My parents and I had a great time wandering around LA, eating, drinking, and being merry, and I can’t wait for them to visit again! They were game for everyone from hikes, to the Tar Pits (which they also disliked, my sister will be delighted to know), to winery adventures. It reminded me how lucky we are to live in sunny LA and being able to show off how much LA has to offer makes me happy to call this city “home!”

What’s your favorite space in LA, restaurant or otherwise?


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