Hi from the sick ward!

Posted on by Jennie

Sister J here, still working on getting better. Corelyn has been attempting to pull me out of my sickness with soup, Everwood, and goldfish crackers. After a half day of work, and a four hour nap to rest from it, and a not-so-appetizing half cup of rice, I am being pulled back to help by Full House reruns and Halloweentown movies on Disney.

Hopefully by Tuesday I’ll be back in action, but for now, 5 Good Things about…the Flu?

1. The very best boyfriend a woman could ask for, who knows how to keep her surviving even when she doesn’t want to survive much.

2. The very best blog partner, neighbor, and BFF, who would make her soup, keep her company, and make sure she’s eating at least 3 dino nuggets each sitting.

3. Full House reruns, old movies I’ve haven’t seen in years, and Gilmore Girls Season 1.

4. Kix cereal.

5. Getting to eat whatever I want, when I can keep food down, since I haven’t eatten real food inĀ  a week.

That’s all for now — hope to see you, cooking something delicious, real soon!


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