Happy Summer + White Wine Sangria

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White Wine Sangria | Garlic, My Soul

It’s finally here, folks! Summertime, a season that always bring magic and sunshine and tans and iced cold drinks and hot dogs and endless twilights. This weekend the weather in Los Angeles was sliding above 90, and in my non-air conditioned home I thought about what recipes I should whip up for you guys and decided you wouldn’t mind some stuff you didn’t need the oven for. It’s too hot, amiright? And, with the sun up well into the evening, it’s time to be outside and spend less time in the kitchen, anyways!

First up, I thought that some summer cocktails were in order, and what easier to make than a sangria? This White Wine Sangria comes together in about five minutes, and is delicious but not too sweet (I should know, I sucked some down right after these were photographed, even though it was morning, but it’s got fruit in it, so basically it’s breakfast, right?!)

White Wine Sangria | Garlic, My Soul


1 bottle white wine
2 citrus fruit, I used 1 lemon and 1 lime
2 stone fruits, I used 1 peach and 1 plum
handful of cherries
soda water (I used lime flavor)


1. Empty wine into jars or pitcher.
2. Slice the citrus thin, and dice your stone fruit.
3. Add citrus, stone fruit, and cherries to wine, making sure to submerge fruit!
4. Let chill at least one hour in fridge.
5. When ready to serve, pour over ice, filling glasses about half way. Top off with soda water and a fresh cherry. Enjoy!

White Wine Sangria | Garlic, My Soul White Wine Sangria | Garlic, My Soul

Sip slowly with friends over a BBQ, or in the evening when you get home and realize how many hours are left of sunlight. I recommend drinking while you’re cooking…I did, while I was making tomorrow’s dish: steak fajitas. I think they’re a great pairing, and I know you’ll agree.

What’s your favorite kind of sangria? I am thinking of making a rosé next, what do you guys think?


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