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Recently, our lovely friend Jen (our “other” Jen) turned 26, on November 26. Her Golden Birthday was upon us, and as Corelyn was visiting we knew we had to do something special.

This is a photo of us from our Scavenger Hunt earlier this year, along with Ms. Jess!

But what to make? We sat around, brainstorming, knowing a) that cupcakes were the best option (easy to transport, as we were doing our celebrating at the mini golf/arcade) and b) that it was Jen’s Golden Birthday, and c) that she likes vanilla. But what? Luckily, after searching the Internet for an inspiring recipe, we knew that what we needed was right under our noses…a good ole recipe we’d made before with a twist!

The Better Homes and Gardens yellow cake recipe is really solid – always delicious, very easy, and can be adapted to cupcakes. But what can you do to yellow cupcakes? Why, spray paint them gold, and line their cupcake liners with golden sprinkles, of course!

We headed to Michael’s to find supplies that would make our cupcakes shimmer and shine, and found exactly what we needed.

The best part was the spray paint was edible, as were the golden sprinkles, so this delicious treat was beautiful and a crowd please! Happy Birthday, Jen!

What recipes do you whip up for birthday love? Cupcakes, cake, brownies?


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