Gluten Free Round Up

Posted on by Jennie

For our Friday Round Up, I wanted to share with you several blogs that are focused on gluten free eating, and several recipes that I am itching to try from the GF world.

Because I know Melissa will be excited by this, check out this sourdough bagel recipe. And in general, check out this woman, Dr. Jean Layton. She is a doctor AND cooks gluten free — what more could you want? And she’s from the west coast, so I expect I will follow her and someday get to see her speak!

She also answers the age-old question: Does eating local honey prevent allergies??

This is local honey we bought last year, hoping it’d help us fight allergies!

If you’re newly GF, check out this book review on “Eat Like a Dinosaur.

It’s book of recipes geared towards kids, and I suspect this means that nutritious, delicious recipes abound.

Here is a great post from Morri, summing up her blog-learnings over her first year as a blogger. My favorite, “I learned that progress is still progress, no matter how small you think it is, and that I’ll get to where I want to be soon enough.”

I loved this GF crepe post from T.R. Fresh fruit and a crepe AND GF? I love it. I want to try this with Melissa, and soon!

What have you found around lately that’s gluten free? Send ’em my way!





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