Gluten Free Maple Bacon Granola

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Gluten Free Maple Bacon Granola | Garlic, My Soul

Guys. We’re mad geniuses (said as we pour bubbly, brightly colored liquids into various beakers while wearing white lab coats and manically laughing – JK, that’s not how we cook here…).

In an effort to prove that “gluten-free” and “boring” are not synonyms, we went a little wild. We’re all about shirking labels today. Welcome to Garlic, My Soul: Mad Scientist Edition.

Gluten Free Maple Bacon Granola | Garlic, My Soul

Even we weren’t sure that bacon in granola was really going to work. But it exceeded all our expectations. We’ve been eating it for breakfast with a nice plain greek yogurt and it has been just heavenly. Salty, sweet…healthy? Probably not. But that’s half the fun.

We didn’t set out to but we did inadvertently prove that keeping to a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean you always have to eat healthy either. Eat what you want (except gluten, duh) and live well, wheat-sensitive friends. You deserve it. Being gluten-free can be hard so why not make it fun and even sometimes enviable along the way?

Treat yourself to that fancy cut of bacon you’ve been eyeing (we used Applegate brand) and pour in those bacon drippings unashamedly. For life is far too short not to eat bacon (if you adhere to that sort of thing. Sorry veggies! This is still a great gluten-free recipe just ditch the pork!)

Gluten Free Maple Bacon Granola | Garlic, My Soul


½ cup gluten free steel cut oats
½ cup gluten free rolled oats
¼ cup golden flax seeds
2 tablespoons golden flax seed meal
1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
2 teaspoons coconut oil, in liquid form
All the bacon drippings (optional but amazing)
¼ cup chopped gluten free, preservative free bacon


1. Preheat the oven to 375.
2. Cover a large baking sheet with tin foil. Set aside.
3. Measure and mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl.
4. If you’re preparing bacon yourself, cook to your own desired done-ness. We love ours extra crispy, which also just happens to work amazingly for this recipe. Just a tip.
5. Drizzle in maple syrup, coconut oil (heat/melt if your coconut oil is solid) and bacon drippings.
6. Mix until fully incorporated.
7. Spread evenly on foiled baking sheet.
8. Place on top rack for approximately 20 minutes, rotating after 10. Depending on your oven, you may need more time, you may need less. Keep an eye on it. It’ll burn easily!
9. Remove from oven when it is your desired crispiness and enjoy with plain greek yogurt or even an egg. Go wild this morning!

Gluten Free Maple Bacon Granola | Garlic, My Soul


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