Gluten Free Bacon Wrapped Chicken

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GF Bacon Wrapped Chicken | Garlic, My SoulHow can you go wrong with a dish wrapped in bacon?  Face it.  You can’t.  This recipe is no exception. This spinach stuffed chicken breast is worth all the raw-meat-hands and greasy cooking dishes.  This recipe, as with others that require the extensive touching of raw meat, is best accomplished as a team effort so that someone can handle the meat and someone can handle the seasoning and filling.  That being said, I was able to accomplish it solo with a fair amount of hand rinsing.

GF Bacon Wrapped Chicken | Garlic, My SoulThis is a fairly straightforward and simple recipe, excepting the challenge of the raw-meat-hands, but even that is well worth this savory meal.  I came across this recipe over on Love and Primal and it strikes a good balance between Cajun spiciness and the cooling effect of the yogurt. Also you don’t have to marinate the chicken, and yet it still ends up flavorful and juicy!

GF Bacon Wrapped Chicken | Garlic, My SoulFor some reason I also think it is fun to put my oven all the way up to 500 degrees, using its full power which is one of the options for the last phase of the recipe to crisp up the bacon. I  would recommend rotating the chicken halfway through the broiling process so that the underside of the bacon also gets nice and crispy.

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