GF Review: Betty Crocker Cookies

Posted on by Jennie

The same night I made those choco-coco cookies, I also made a batch of GF cookies.

Baking for people with gluten intolerance and baking for someone with Celiac are slightly different, but I always say better safe than sorry. Here are a few things you need to know about baking or cooking gluten free:

First off, you should make sure you haven’t had flour in the air of your kitchen in the past 24 hours. The debate is still out on how long, but 24 hours is usually the recommend amount of time to allow pass before gluten will be safely out of the air.¬†What does this mean? I made the gf cookies first, of course!

Second, make sure you check all your ingredients. For example, this mix was gf, but was my vanilla? Luckily, Costco/Kirkland labels their vanilla “gf” for you. Also check with your butter (which sometimes can be processed with wheat.) Eggs are usually fine, as are most dairy products (creams, milk, yogurt, etc.) But always, always double check the ingredient list!

Third, you shouldn’t use any porous kitchen utensils for both gf and regular use. For example, wooden spoons. Here, I used a wooden spoon specifically dedicated to gf use in my home. If you use another wooden spoon, it could have gluten (remember, Celiac reactions to gluten are measured in parts per million.)

Delicious, delicious cookies. Please note I added a half-teaspoon more than the recommend vanilla, to help sweeten them and make them stick better!

Something else to note: if you drop some of whatever your making, on the table, oven, etc., it is, as Melissa likes to say, “Dead to me.” Don’t add it back into whatever your making — unless you have a gf kitchen. Otherwise, that surface may be contaminated from some other cooking adventure! I ate this piece, as I am not gluten free — what a happy accident, indeed!

These cookies were divine. I wasn’t sure about them because they had the chocolate chips in with the mix, but they were so delicious they didn’t taste gf at all. And, they were a crowd pleaser among the gf people, too! Definitely a mix I will keep up my sleeve.

The box made about two dozen cookies, and they were all gone and cherished by gf and non gf alike!




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