Full circle: the last becomes the first…

Posted on by Jennie

Our last PW recipe was Marmalade Muffins, and the first I made again was…Marmalade Muffins. I needed to make something for a brunch with family friends, so I whipped these up alongside a coffee cake.

We didn’t have oranges, so I used clementines. Same difference, really.

In a Christmas-day Christmas miracle, we had 25 mini muffin papers, and one was screwed up, so really 24. Exactly what we needed.

PW says to fill them up two thirds. I filled them up this much, expecting them to get bigger. They did, but not as much as I wanted do. I’ll have to play around with this one.

The leftover batter, which I just put into a pretty dish.

They were delicious, yet again, and everyone enjoyed them, and the coffee cake. Sticking the recipe into my back pocket now…


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