Foods for the Chewing Challenged

Posted on by Corelyn

As many of you know, I got my wisdom teeth removed earlier this week. So my diet is limited to things I can sort of slurp down. For some people, this is fine. They eat ice cream, pudding and jello for 4 days and they’re fine with that. I am not one of these people. I start to feel unbalanced if I haven’t had a suitable helping of some kind of green vegetable in 24 hours. I crave salads, and green beans, and broccoli, and brussel sprouts far more often than I crave chocolate or ice cream.

So, we’ve been prepping for my time of need for a few weeks now. First we made some chicken broth. And last weekend, we added mashed potatoes and tomato soup to the mix.

These are seriously some of the creamiest potatoes, we’d ever made. Look at all that butter. I’m embarrassed.

And then, to make them even creamier, we ran them through the blender and added even more milk. Just to get that perfect slurp-able consistency.

We also ran the leftover tomato soup back through the blender, to break up all those diced tomatoes. Here it is in the complete cast of characters:

From left to right: pudding, apple sauce, ice cream, mashed potatoes, chicken broth, pureed tomato soup, creamy butternut squash soup, avocados, gravy for the potatoes, pasta sides (I’m hoping to be able to eat those by tomorrow), oatmeal, bananas, smoothies

The surprise MVP here has been the avocado! I know it doesn’t exactly count as a green vegetable, but when I’m craving something with a little more nutritional value than pudding and ice cream, some mashed up avocado has really done the trick.

I put a little salad dressing on it –in this case Trader Joe’s Goddess dressing with tahini.

Then I mash it up until it looks like this. It may look and sound a little funky, but it’s delicious!




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