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Posted on by Jennie

You guys know Ana from when we made delicious Colombian food a while back. She has a friend who has chickens! In her backyard! And better yet, she has a plethora of eggs that she is willing to share! This is great news, because they are from free range happy chickens, and only $5 a dozen. Cheaper than the ones at the farmer’s market, and local! Ana is my “dealer” and brings me eggs every few weeks at book club (although I’ve been going through so many eggs that we have to meet up more often for me to get my fix.)

These eggs are beautiful (see the green one??) and delicious. Ana had told me that there was a difference in taste (and not just health) but I was skeptical. But the first time I made one of these, I swear I could taste how much better they were! I whipped up an omelet with them a few weeks ago for Corelyn and I, and she, too, noticed without provocation!

The first time I fried these eggs up I also had heirloom tomatoes in the house – rejoice!

If you live in LA or you know Ana, you should get some of these eggs. C’mon over, I’ll give you a free trial!

I love fresh, local eggs. What’s something you simply love to get locally?




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