Educate Your Plate: Soups!

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We love a good soup – they keep us warm through winter, they’re easy to put together, and they can be made out of seemingly nothing. Here are some kick-starter ideas for you to get your own big pot of soup on tonight.

So we had Megan illustrate you a fun list of our fave soup recipes for you to enjoy!

Check out our roundup of our fave soups that we love that'll keep you warm through January.

Above in Order:

Chicken Noodle Soup: A classic. This one will keep your spirits up when it’s twenty below, and when you start to feel a tickle in your throat. Pick your fave kind of noodle and add whatever veggies you love – use this recipe as a starting point to create your fave soup.

Tortilla Soup: This tortilla soup, which we re-shared last week. It’s Southwestern, and it’s spicy, and it’s filling as heck. This one is a family favorite that basically makes itself – you guys, it’s in a slow cooker!

Lentil Soup: We love lentils. This soup is a vegetarian delight, and it’s chocked full of vegetables to get in your daily dose. Between the spinach, and the Swiss chard, and the cauliflower, you’ll wonder why you ever ate meat in the first place (haha that’s a joke.)

Pumpkin Ginger Soup: This is ready in 30 minutes. It’s rich, it’s full of ginger (hello: healthy with a kick!) and it’s ALSO vegetarian. Plus, the cashews add a creaminess you just can’t beat. For something different in the soup category, give this a shot.

Golden Beet Soup: Guys this recipe’s old, the photo we have is horrific, but let me tell you it was amazing. We used golden beets so we didn’t stain everything, but you can use red ones, too. We love the curry and the hint of cinnamon. This goes great with a crusty bread and uses the whole beet not just the root, so food waste’s less of an issue, too.

Chicken Chili: Another slow cooker recipe you guys. We love adding tons of garlic because that’s healthy (and it’s in our name), and we love the cheese – THE CHEESE. It’s thick, it’s creamy, it’s full of delicious herbs and spices. Get it in your slow cooker for a delish Sunday night dinner that’ll make everyone look forward to Monday’s lunch.


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