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Last Thursday this country celebrated a day of Thanksgiving. It was a day of reflection, great food, and fun shared by friends and family members. With that in mind I wanted to write about something else I spent a great amount of time thinking about last Thursday, and that is traditions.

Every year, we east coast transplants join together on Thanksgiving to celebrate our L.A. family. We are truly blessed to have this opportunity; it is a tradition that will continue I’m sure for many more years. But another tradition has emerged over the past few years involving our good friend Paul and myself. Paul and I are both fans of brown liquor, and we always look forward to trying new brands and treating ourselves to a single malt scotch on Thanksgiving. This year we decided to purchase the superb 15 Year Old Macallan.

For those of you who have never had the opportunity to try The Macallan 15, it is first and foremost a smooth single malt. Many great single malts have an earthy or smoky taste, which permeates through the experience, but this one starts with a sweet warm feeling. In this beautifully crafted drink you get wonderful taste balances of vanilla, caramel, and American Oak. It also has a beautiful color, and you may get caught staring from time to time. A great single malt will make you want to to savor every last drop, and the Macallan 15 is no exception. With this Scotch you know you are drinking something special from the very first sip and you don’t want it to end.

Typically, we enjoy dinner and then Paul and I retire outside to enjoy the brisk air, a few cigars, and the single malt of our choice. While we were enjoying our Macallan 15 this year, I started thinking about how so many traditions start with a good glass of something.

No matter what your drink of choice is, it’s about the fact that you are sharing it with another person or group of people. Traditions can be wide ranging from scotch on Thanksgiving, wine on the celebration of an anniversary, or a cold beer on opening day of baseball season. When consumed responsibly and in moderation, alcohol can be a conversation starter and a great unifier. Even the President has had a Beer Summit! You learn new things about people, you affirm relationships, and most importantly you simply relax. In my opinion, alcohol can be a great tradition maker. So grab a bottle of something or a six pack and think about somebody in your life that you want to slow down with, a person you need to rekindle with, or a person you’re just getting to know. Who knows maybe you will create a tradition that will remain close to your heart for many years to come and with the holiday season fast approaching what could be more important.

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