The Doctor’s Banana Daiquiri

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The Doctor's Banana Daiquiri | Garlic, My Soul

It’s that time of year again. The Doctor is returning to his regularly scheduled, unpredictable shenanigans. Who knows what trysts he’s larked on and hearts he’s seduced in the interim (although history would suggest it may involve some intimate endeavors with a royal family member).

Love him or leave him you can’t deny the resounding impact he’s had on our culture. Just think how much longer society would have had to wait for a halfway decent banana daiquiri.

The Doctor's Banana Daiquiri | Garlic, My Soul

And because we tend toward the side of having some serious love for the Doctor, we’ve devised a way to welcome him back in style, featuring that Doctor approved dietary staple: the banana.

In a twist on the traditional banana daiquiri (because who, if not the Doctor, is all for invention), we’ve created a tropical drink perfectly suited to salute all things both timey wimey and wibbly wobbly. It even has a wisp of time stream mixed in, giving it just the slightest tinge toward tardis blue. For the full recipe, head over to Fanboy Comics!

We hope it helps you welcome the Doctor back into action this Saturday. If all else fails at your Who gatherings this weekend, just remember: always bring a banana to a party. Because bananas are good.

The Doctor's Banana Daiquiri | Garlic, My Soul


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