Do you want to use an onion?

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My first major cooking interaction with Corelyn was last fall. We were new friends, still feeling each other out, learning each others styles, likes, and figuring out where this was going. Then, in October, a bunch of the ladies decided it would be an excellent idea to throw a Felicity-style Thanksgiving for all of us East Coasters who weren’t making it home. I was on turkey duty. Corelyn had the stuffing. B and J were hosting, and providing a myriad of sides and desserts. We were meeting at 7 am. It was going to be fine. And epic.

That morning, as we loaded C’s car at my apartment and drove to Becca’s, long before we became neighbors, I knew where this was heading: to a new life with yet another BFF I’d be able to trust for advice on men, style, and, most importantly, cooking.

The turkey cooked in 3.5 hours. Corrlyn helped me shove some lemons in it, rub it with butter, and asked, “Do you want to use an onion?” Now, I had obviously used onion before, but on this day, the question would be the start of Corelyn’s and my routine.

We fed 19 people that day, and managed to enjoy the company in between, taking time for Scrabble, dessert, community dishes, and some crowd control.

Since then, we have all had ups, and downs. We’ve lost a few to America’s other coast, and managed to become neighbors. I’ve learned that Corelyn’s go-to veg is onion. Mine is garlic. Each compliments the other. The rountine of adding each to both our magic box if recipes has been an experience in patience, spontaneity, and faith in each other. An adventure, you could say.

So while Corelyn and I become more similar, and while Andrew becomes more concerned that one day in the near future he won’t be able to tell us apart, and while Jeff secretly prays we stop making him eat fish, green beans and attempting to sneak mushrooms into dinner, we figured the least we could do was entertain you. So let’s begin.



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