Cucina Fresca: Roasted Herb Chicken

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Our third recipe for Cucina Fresca: February was Roasted Herb Chicken. We choose to do a roast chicken because we wanted to make a roast chicken as per our goals (see number 15) and we also wanted to tackle another goal, which was using new spices (see number 3.) We wanted to eat something delicious but also wanted to watch a movie or two on our day off. Luckily, roast chicken is easy, which let us relax.

First, rinse the chicken with water inside and out.

Then melt four tablespoons of butter, and mix with that four tablespoons of olive oil.

We added our herbs: a half teaspoon of rosemary, black pepper, a teaspoon of salt, and two teaspoons of herbes de provence.

Add a dash of cayenne, because we like a little spice, and because that’s all we had. Because the rest of the cayenne is at Cor’s.

Add four garlic cloves, because we leave garlic out of nothing. Add the zest of a lemon, because you have them, and you can.

Over at the chicken area, shove it full with a quartered onion, as well as about four cloves of garlic. Just shove it as far as it can go.

Now you’re going to make sure that you keep your chicken decent by skewering her legs shut.

There you go. Much better.

Now rub your mixture all up in that chicken. Rub it in real good.

Now stick it in a pot, or a roasting pan, or something.

Just look at that buttery, olive oily goodness.

We also cut some slits into the chicken’s skin and rubbed some butter and garlic up in there.

Now, my friends, you’re going to stick it in the oven uncovered for about two hours, depending on your chicken size. If you’re like me, and own the Better Homes and Garden new Cookbook, it has a roasting chart with roast times. Otherwise, you may just research on the Internet. For our 5 pound chicken, it took about two hours, or as my mom and sister say, when you can smell it. We scurried off to watch Practical Magic, and relaxed while the oven took care of all it.

Towards the end, Corelyn shelled the green beans and cut the eyes out of the potatoes. While throughly enjoying the magic of Sandra Bullock.

We mixed these with some olive oil and stuck ’em in the oven with the chicken.

When you smell the chicken, or in-between movies, take it out.

Delicious chicken. Lovely chicken.

Eat while watching another movie, and your mouth will be as happy as your eyes. Or your ears. You know what I mean…


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