Cucina Fresca: Peach Chutney & Grilled Lime Salmon

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This recipe was easy to make, although around these parts easy doesn’t always mean quick.

As I am trying to be truthful with our recipes, I decided today I’d time myself and see how long it took to make dinner. I was alone, I had to photograph the process, and I may or may not have forgotten to put on the peas.

It took me about 55 minutes when all was said and done. It’ll take you about ten minutes less, I’d say, or even 30 minutes if you have a partner in crime.

Someday I’m going to cook a meal from start to finish and consume it without taking a picture.

(No I won’t. But sometimes I wish I could resist!)

Anyways, back to peach chutney. I decided I wanted to cook with polenta. Which I realize is no where in the title of this post, either. But I wanted polenta, and I wasn’t to be dissuaded. And so I thought about what would be good with polenta (which I had never really had) and thought maybe peach chutney would be delicious.

And do you know what goes with peach chutney? Fish. What kind? Salmon. And what goes with salmon? Lime. Obviously.

And so we have peach chutney with grilled lime salmon with polenta and peas. (Takes a deep breath.)

Onto the actual cooking. So I was looking at these chutney recipes and they were all for a pound and a half of chutney. I knew I’d be the only one eating this meal (Jeff doesn’t do seafood, and my meat eating friends are dwindling…) so I figured all I’d need was one peach. Then I’d adapt a recipe as necessary.

Here’s my peach. It weighed 7.9 ounces with no pit.

I used red onion. Look how beautiful nature is!

Here’s my peach cut up, along with the garlic and the onion. I used one clove of garlic, and as much onion as you see. I did not to great measuring. Don’t worry – the recipe has totals.

Here’s the onion and garlic. Let it sweat for about two minutes. Don’t burn it like I almost did, because you’re trying to do too many things in the kitchen.

Add in your peach. Some say to peel, or blanche. I did neither. Raw peach seemed good to me.

After about two minutes, add your sugar. Add your vinegar (helps to deglaze the pan) and cook until peach is soft, or until you turn around again and realize the chutney is still on. About five minutes.

Meanwhile, take some lime juice, coriander, cumin, salt, and pepper and stick it in a food processor or blender. Add about two cloves of garlic. Blend until smooth (ish, as much as you can). Melt your butter and then add until it turns into a nice spreadable buttah mixture. Taste it to make sure it’s spiced to your liking. It’s your duty.

Thank you Treasure Mart, for supplying me with my $5 mini Cuisin art. It makes my world go round.

As I was truly alone tonight, please forgive the lack of the photo of me spreading the limey butter onto the salmon. It happened. I promise. Also salt/pepper the salmon first, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Grill on flesh side about 5 minutes, then flip and cover with foil for another five or so. You can bake it too, if you don’t have a grill pan, by making a tin foil pocket!

Fry up some polenta in a pan. You can make it from scratch too, but I bought mine at Trader Joe’s.

I also probably used too much oil. What are you going to do?

Make some peas. Or another veggie that makes you smile.

Put a healthy serving of chutney on the polenta and the salmon. And the peas, too, if you’re a rebel.

I’m not much of one.

Eat in four minutes flat. Unless you’re civilized/not eating alone. Then maybe try to take five, or six. For civility’s sake.



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