Cucina Fresca: Marble Cupcakes

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July’s challenges included one of us in school full time and the other with a broken finger, so we only managed to get around to one of our three proposed recipes. For Paul’s birthday, I figured we could do cupcakes, which is something we’ve been meaning to do. I enlisted the help of some friends (thank you thank you Ellen and Jessica!) who I could not have baked without.

Look at my broken finger! I can still stir, though! Here we’re making the vanilla lemon cupcakes.

Notice the outdoor space. We did this because Melissa was coming over later!

One lovely assistant, Jess!

Teamwork. 🙂

Cocoa makes everything better.

This is the chocolate cupcake batter.

The two batters. Lemon vanilla and chocolate. A spin off my favorite pie!

Starting to swirl. Forgive the photos, Jeffrey has it with him in the east.

I mainly prefer chocolate. Can you tell which is mine? The middle one is Ellen’s, then Jessica’s.

We got to a point where we knew we had a lot of cupcakes left to make, and I only        have one cupcake tin. So we made mini cakes!

Turns out we had a lot more chocolate, because we often started with lemon vanilla. Whoops! Here are some all chocolate cupcakes.

Frosted cupcake!

Lovely assistant number 2!

The cake and I…at the bar. Because that’s how we roll.

The birthday boy, me, and the marble cake!

Special, special thanks to Ellen and Jessica for their superb help!!! Recipe to follow.


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