Crispy Radishes

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Crispy Radishes | Garlic, My Soul

My friend Ana told me about these delish radishes recently. I love radishes straight up raw – with the little bit of spicy and the bright colors, they make for a fun addition to any salad or really any dish. But crispy radishes are just OUT OF THIS WORLD. They are a great snack. They go great on top of whatever dinner is. Or, they are good in hummus (more on that tomorrow.)

Crispy Radishes | Garlic, My Soul

Crispy Radishes | Garlic, My Soul

I did what Gabby does here, only I added a little cayenne and a little cumin to these babies because the spices really kick it up a notch. It’s very simple: just cut your radishes thinly, then add a sprinkle of salt and olive oil. Then you roast at 350 for 20 minutes, then another 15-20 at 250.

Crispy Radishes | Garlic, My Soul


That’s it! Make these today (looking at you Cameron) and really up your radish game.

What’s your fave veg or fruit to make into crisp? We’re thinking of making apples next…


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