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When I was home over break, we did our fair share of cooking. We cooked the Feast of the Seven Fishes, we cooked from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook, we ate fistfuls of kale on the regular, and we even cooked a recipe my dad found lying around the Internet.

Unfortunately, I forgot about those pictures until I was cleaning off my cards yesterday, so without further ado, here is a delicious recipe that I made when I was in Chicago that my dad found. We were slightly skeptical (I think because chicken cakes sounds gross…it should be called chicken burgers, much more appealing) but they ended up being SO FREAKING GOOD I WANT THEM AGAIN NOW.

ahem. Sorry. Onwards…


So basically, you start by making some avo mayo, which is the best thing ever to spread on top of a burger, patty, cake, or any other round-shaped item. Avocados should be in everything (Sorry, MB, I know your allergic.)


Good, you’re halfway to dinner that’ll make everyone happy. Pat yourself on the back.


You then make your cakes/burgers, using only amazing ingredients: bacon, chili, onions, lemon zest, chicken, thighs, breadcrumbs, thyme, olive oil, and s/p.


You grind everything once before adding in the breadcrumbs, and then shape them into patties. I left my dad do that.


Serve with salsa and kale, and a kale salad, too, for good measure. And potatoes, if you have some lying around, or quinoa.

I know this dish looks weird, but I promise it’s awesome and everyone loved it. You should probably make it for dinner and invite me over. Thanks Dad for finding the recipe and making dinner for us – it’s always a treat to be cooked for instead of being the one behind the stove!


[addtoany] Yum


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