Cold Salad Week

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Cold Salad Week | Garlic, My Soul

This May has been CALIENTE you guys. Too much for us to be in the kitchen for eight hours whipping up fried chicken, something grilled, or ANYTHING that requires the oven. So this past weekend, we made a bunch of recipes that require minimal heat, and are delicious cold, so you can make them at the beginning of the week and then have them around for evenings when you just.don’

And so, in honor of this hot summer, we are introducing Cold Salad Week! This week, we’ll be bringing you three easy to prepare cold noodle salads that we hope you’ll enjoy all summer long. Get ready for sesame noodles, tuna macaroni salad, and a couscous that you can make with any vegetables you happen to have in the kitchen. Each day, we’ll bring you a new recipe. This is Garlic, My Soul’s first ever themed week, so let us know what you think of the format! We might be bringing it back real soon.

Cold Salad Week | Garlic, My Soul


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