Coffee Crusted Steak

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For our team recipe, we chose a coffee crusted steak recipe from Kevin & Amanda that won us over with it’s charm and simplicity. We love coffee. We love steak. What could go wrong?

Corelyn’s Steak

Truthfully, this was not my best steak endeavor. There are not that many steps to this recipe. You rub your steak with coffee grinds, and then you grill it. Pretty simple. But coffee is an odd flavor to have on your steak, and it IS possible to have too much. I blame my overly zealous application of coffee grounds for this recipe’s lackluster quality.

See what I mean? I that is a coffee coating, not a coffee crust.

Having said all that, this was still a completely enjoyable meal. Two out of two (mine and Meg’s) clean plates agree that this steak was certainly delicious enough to eat in its entirety. The coffee grounds, though a bit gritty (again, because I over-coffee-ed), gave a sort of faux-smokey flavor, and I can imagine a smaller helping of coffee grinds making a truly delicious addition to any steak.

Jennie’s steak

After Corelyn telling me she over-coffeed, I decided to be a little less zealous (although I do think I still added too much.)

Here are my steaks. Don’t they look divine?

So I salted and peppered each side, then put this one in, coffee down, and added coffee to the top.

After a few minutes, I flipped the steak to let the other side brown.

Here is the coffee close up, in butter and oil.

I served it with roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Overall, I agreed with Corelyn that it’s a little gritty, but I think this could be a dish to be perfected. The coffee I used was not flavored, as they suggested, and was pretty dark, and yet still added sweetness to the savory steak. I’ll want to try this again with a little less coffee, and will let it really cook without flipping it so it gets crispy.

Note: I used regular coffee, but you can use decaffeinated if you will otherwise be up all night!




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