Christening a Waffle Iron

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My friend Stef recently got a waffle iron from her dad in the mail (thanks Stef’s dad)!

Since the waffle iron is covered in teflon, a porous surface that absorbs gluten, it cannot ever be adequately freed of said gluten.  So us celiac folks need to be wary of teflon used to make gluten-full food to avoid cross contamination issues.

Once this waffle iron makes some gluten-full waffles it is no longer a viable option available to me.  However, I have lovely friends who offered me the opportunity to christen the waffle maker by making GF waffles and pancakes as its first use.

Coupled with being excited to use a waffle maker, I was also excited to try the new line of GF Bisquick pancake mix, which is readily available in major grocery stores. I am thoroughly delighted to report that it is delicious! The mix requires the usual ingredients of milk, eggs, and oil.

Obviously, I feel that when you make waffles and pancakes chocolate chips should be involved as much as possible.

We made several batches of waffles.

The full box of GF Bisquick mix fed three people with some leftovers.

Since the box had multiple recipes for the different uses of the mix we decided to make a final batch of chocolate chip pancakes just for fun.

I am so glad that Bisquick has made a versatile GF line.  The waffles and pancakes were very tasty (even for non-GF persons) and I can’t wait to try making biscuits with this mix as well!

What have you made with the GF Bisquick pancake and baking mix?


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