Chocolate Bread Pudding

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Last week we celebrated both Jennie and Jeff’s birthdays in the Garlic, My Soul kitchen. We decided to try something other than the standard birthday cake, and a chocolate bread pudding seemed like a fun treat to try!

Chocolate Bread Pudding | Garlic, My SoulWe found a recipe on jelly toast that made our mouths water. Chocolate and balsamic vinegar bread pudding? Guinness chocolate sauce? Whiskey whipped cream? Sign us up, please.
Chocolate Bread Pudding | Garlic, My Soul

The original recipe called for individual bread puddings in ramekins, so we decided to try them muffin size!Chocolate Bread Pudding | Garlic, My Soul

Using cinnamon bread as the base for this pudding gave it an extra sweetness that paired perfectly with dark chocolate and Guinness sauce. And the small amount of balsamic vinegar in the pudding mixture was absolutely amazing. One caution, though. We did end up abandoning the whiskey whipped cream when it started to curdle. No worries! We started fresh with plain, old-fashioned whipped cream, and lived to cook another day.
Chocolate Bread Pudding | Garlic, My SoulThese made the perfect birthday treat. Simple, but decadent. They were most delicious served right out of the oven, but we also enjoyed them cold, reheated, and room temperature. Needless to say, we ate a lot of these!


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