Chicken Peanut Stirfry

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Don’t you wish that recipes would include the time it takes to chop the vegetables in their estimate of how long it’s going to take you? I mean, if you have to cut up jalapeno, ginger, scallions, chicken, and cabbage, it’s going to take you a few minutes!

For Chicken Peanut Stirfry, your first instruction is to chop.

The recipe is here. I imagine you could use different vegetables, depending on what you have in the house, and it would still be delicious.

I take what I said about that first step. Step one is: PUT ON RICE. Do you ever get half way through making something you were going to make with rice and then realize you never put the rice on so you make couscous instead? No? Just me?

Luckily, Trader Joe’s make a quick rice, so this was done before the stirfry, if you can even believe it.

I put the raw chicken in a bowl with soy sauce/cornstarch/rice vinegar mixture while I chopped, so that it could soak in some of that delicious flavor.

So basically, it goes: chop chicken, marinate, make rice, chop.

Got it?

So you cook the chicken, then take it out of the pan and saute your ginger, scallions, and jalapeno.

Add your cabbage, which will wilt and cook down quickly — don’t cook for too long, because you want your cabbage to be crunchy…or at least, I do. So don’t over cook!

Add your chicken back in, and your brown sugar sauce…

Then, add your peanuts. I eyeballed it, based on the fact that Jeff loves peanuts, and so do I.

Serve over rice. Delicious!

What is your favorite stir fry dish?



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