breaking breads and grilling steaks

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Hey there chickens!

This is a post about feeding a couple of guys.

And Ky and me too, of course.

Last weekend, my husband’s best friend was in town, and so in celebration of his long-awaited trip, Ky and I decided to cook up a storm.

We haven’t been cooking up a storm lately, you guys. Winter’s lasting longer than usual in Chicago, and I’m mostly grumbling and living off Luna Bars.

It’s not my best look.

In any case, we decided that to feed the men, meat needed to be involved, so we did some searching and came up with an easy chimichurri sauce to go with grass-fed skirt steak (we like cows who lived happy lives).

Throw in potatoes, a pan of sauteed greens, and a loaf of bread, and you’ve got dinner.

Chimichurri sauce, in case you didn’t know, is an Argentinian marinade or topping that’s made of all delicious things: parsley, cilantro, cumin, red wine vinegar, olive oil, and garlic.

Lots and lots of garlic.

Like you’ll have garlic breath for several days, but I promise you won’t care one bit.

While we sent out the boys to grill steaks, we got to work on throwing everything in the food processor.



This green sauce is really something you do to taste- we liked tons of garlic, less red vinegar, and more cumin to round it out.

Next up, we roasted garlic for mashed potatoes, because really, when you’re experiencing the delay of spring, you should treat yourself with more carbs.


Lastly, over in the Second City, we believe in the power of the vegetable, so we picked up some giant rainbow chard at the grocery store, and decided to make it a little bit special by adding bacon to it.

And also maybe using it as an accessory.



Greens are easy because all you have to do is add two slices of chopped up bacon and a little love to them, and then they’re a heaping side of delicious, still-pretty-healthy vegetables.

When we pulled the meal together, it was exactly the kind of dinner we had hoped for: simple, hearty, bright green, and grilled.

We still believe spring’s going to show its face around here at some point, chickens.


There’s nothing better than breaking bread with your friends.

I recommend digging into this one as soon as you can pull it together.


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