Breakfast Tacos

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Breakfast Tacos | Garlic, My Soul

Apparently lately I am into all things breakfast. It’s a great meal to start the day with and on weekend I like to indulge in eggs (because on weekdays I am usually running late and thus eat breakfast at work.) These came from having extra tortillas laying around – so instead of making toast, I went with tacos. These are basically open faced tacos fill of what I love – but feel free to add what you love.

Breakfast Tacos | Garlic, My Soul

Here’s what I did: I took corn tortillas, melted cheese into them, then fried up two eggs sunny side up, and put those along with some pinto beans onto said tortilla. I topped the whole affair with salsa. And probably would have added an avocado if I’d had one. Or sour cream. Or leftover chicken with green chiles. Or pico de gallo. The possibilities are endless, I think, and you should feel free to also throw all of this over chips (BREAKFAST NACHOS) or a salad (BREAKFAST SALAD).

Happy breakfast eating, friends!




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