Beef Brisket Prep

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We’ve only got 8 recipes left folks! We’re in the home stretch, now! This Saturday, we’ll knock out two more by making The Pioneer Woman’s braised beef brisket and the burgundy mushrooms. Both recipes will require an entire day of cooking because they need to cook for so many hours. Naturally, I am mentally preparing and getting my shopping list together two days ahead.

In researching the ingredients for Beef Brisket, I noticed it called for Liquid Smoke. This seemed a completely reasonable ingredient for a brisket recipe and, being a southern girl, I’m more than familiar with this concoction. My dad uses it all the time. I believe the Coates family keeps it on hand as part of a stocked kitchen.

Jennie, however, thinks I am crazy.

Corelyn:  didn’t we buy liquid smoke for something?

Jennie:  what?

Corelyn:  Liquid smoke. it was an ingredient in something else we made for PW. I swear we already bought it.
Jennie:  Liquid SMOKE. I have never heard of such a thing in my life.
Corelyn:  You have too! I swear we bought it for something.
Jennie:  No. I do not remember such a thing. I feel as though I would remember such a thing
Corelyn:  hmmph. I think you are wrong
Jennie:  I really don’t.
Corelyn:  liquid smoke is just a thing you know about. It’s for bbq flavored things. It is literally what it sounds like.  It gives things a smoky flavor
Jennie:  weird.
Corelyn:  haha, I guess. Seems perfectly reasonable to me.
Jennie:  Where do you buy something like that here?
Corelyn:  In a grocery store.
Jennie:  weird weird weird.
So, stay tuned. I may be going on an epic hunt for Liquid smoke this evening. I’ll let you how I fare (although, I still think we may already have some on hand…)


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