A Word About Seasoning Salt

Posted on by Corelyn

Let’s take a moment and discuss one of the Pioneer Woman’s favorite go-to seasonings. Seasoning salt.

Now, as a general rule, Jennie and I are somewhat offended by shortcuts, and spending money to purchase a combination of seasonings that we could have easily created ourselves at home, but part of the Pioneer Woman challenge is that we “must trust the pioneer woman.” This mantra is how we end up adding that extra half stick of butter to the mashed potatoes and also how we ended up biting the bullet and actually purchasing some seasoning salt.

We were a little nervous. What does it say about us that we can’t mix up our own combination of onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, sugar and celery seed? In the end, we decided…it says we are smart, we have busy schedules that do not always permit us to make everything from scratch, and we do actually trust the pioneer woman.

That tsp went into the mashed potatoes I’m going to tell you about in another post. Were the mashed potatoes delicious? Absolutely. Could we discern the taste of the seasoning salt within those heavenly mashed potatoes? No. Did we elect not to add any extra salt after using the seasoning salt, even though the recipe called for it and warned us “not to under salt”? Yes. We have to draw the line somewhere.


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