Whole30 Wrap Up + Next Steps

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Well guys, my last day of Whole30 was Tuesday, January 31. The last 9 days were oscillating between easy and hard, mainly because of a lack of planning and a trip to Big Bear with friends. The trip with friends wasn’t too hard because my friends are super understanding and lovely and made sure I had enough to eat the whole time. I even made a few things (like the frittata below) I couldn’t eat, but didn’t feel the temptation to have anything that was out-of-bounds. BUT the ride home took forever and I realized how hard it can be to stay Whole30 on a road trip that’s supposed to take 2 hours but takes 8 – yikes!

Here’s what I finished out the Whole30 with:


Another week of Chia Seed Pudding & fruit. I also made a couple of green smoothies because why not, right? The weekend was perfect for fried eggs with salsa and avocado, of course. A couple of the last mornings I had a cashew Larabar (not the best for breakfast, but it was all I had!)


I had leftovers for most of the rest of Whole30, except a few days I got salads from the salad bar near my work. Lots of chicken, veggies, and avocado and seeds.


We found some really great recipes to try I wish we had early. For example, these Almond-Crusted Chicken Tenders were just as good as any breaded chicken I’ve had – really! Also, this Taco Salad was EVERYTHING (especially that dressing, it is heavenly). We also had a few stir fries with great sauce (love Tandoori and Korma that was Whole30 approved!) and even had breakfast for dinner.

On the days I was REALLY craving comfort food I had those sweet potato fries with garlic dip again, and it really did the trick. Also, Ana made her Kale Salad but Whole30 compliant, and it was delicious – I topped it with chicken and didn’t feel bad at all when everyone else was eating tacos on our ski trip.

Eating Out

On Friday night when we were going out of town with friends, we went to Outback (we do this every year for this trip) and I have to say, it was one of the easier meals I had! I had steak, a sweet potato, and steamed broccoli, and it was delicious and filling. That was the only time I ate out this week which made it easier of course to stay the course.


The so-called “Tiger Blood” never came for me. I didn’t necessarily feel more energized, but I did feel good. I also lost 9 pounds. Now, I know this isn’t supposed to be about weight loss, but as someone who always had to starve herself to lose even 1 pound, it’s nice to know of a method that works. Plus, my clothes feel better and I don’t constantly find myself tugging at shirts, and pants. My belt buckles one loop tighter. All great signs of health.

I also had some stomach issues with this diet, probably due to my IBS. Maybe too much raw food. Maybe not the right balance – it is all still about balance and learning. Not having some bland foods (a la bread/rice) to help calm my system was probably healthier in some ways but not others for me. Know yourself. Be careful. Do what feels good.

Adding Things Back In

On February 1, I had some non-gluten grains: oats with breakfast, quinoa with my lunch salad, a few corn chips with dinner (ok a lot of corn chips guys.) The next day, I went back to Whole30, and I felt absolutely fine. Nothing major. So you guys, yesterday I felt enough was enough and I had Indian food with some naan and rice. And paneer. And I still feel absolutely fine today.

Today I had some hard cheese in a salad from Mendocino Farms. Still feeling good. Still drinking a lot of water, not snacking too much, and avoiding wasted calories (naan the exception.) But it was nice to go to a restaurant and not worry about what I was eating.

After my “I Do What I Want” bounce, I think I am going to try to eat Whole30 on the regular. A couple of days to reset my body. For two of the three meals of the day to keep everything in check. Reach for a piece of fruit or a veggies instead of chips. Olives instead of crackers. Garlic dip instead of cheese dip.

I haven’t introduced legumes or alcohol yet, or any dairy that’s not hard cheese – like milk or yogurt. I think I will bring things back slowly, but as long as I am feeling good and sleeping well, I am a happy camper.

I haven’t had the desire to eat anything too sweet (chocolate, candy, etc.) so I am going to try to avoid those kinds of foods for the longest. If it doesn’t serve me nutritionally, bye bye it goes. In this way, I’ll keep myself in a healthy spot longer.

I’m glad I did the Whole30 to know that I could. I am glad I learned more about all the hidden preservatives and sugar and crap that I was eating – especially because I considered myself pretty aware. I think it’s a good test for anyone who wants to really know what’s going into their bodies and figure out what’s right for you.

So what do you guys think? Will you try a Whole30? Have you done one and loved it? How’s your diet now?


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