Cold Season Remedies!

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Hi guys! Whether you’re on the east coast or the west, one thing’s for certain: it’s cold season. It may be feet-deep in D.C., but yes, even here in LA the weather is colder than normal, and we’re snuggled beneath blankets on the couch (or, if you are me, just trying to do yoga for long enough to stay warm.)

As you may or may not know, I get sick a lot (and probably you’re sick of me saying that) so I have a few tried and trued remedies that I try to use whenever I feel anything coming on.

Garlic Honey Cold Remedy | Garlic, My Soul

First of all, this gross-yet-perfect remedy makes you feel like you’re eating health. The recipe is here, but it’s mostly garlic, honey, and turmeric. DO NOT CHEW THIS – FAIR WARNING.

Epiphany Hotel | Turmeric Tea | Garlic, My Soul Epiphany Hotel | Turmeric Tea | Garlic, My Soul

This Turmeric Tea has also become my new savior. In addition to taking oregano oil twice a day when we’re in the throes of cold season, I also have a cup of turmeric tea at the first sign of illness. It KIND of tastes like you’re drinking curry, but it also tastes medicinal and like you are drinking a secret elixir of life, so I just go with it. You should, too.

Basic Congee | Garlic, My Soul

If your throat is bothering you, I recommend this congee. It’s an easy recipe with chicken stock that’s guaranteed to make you feel better as soon as you start eating it. Oyster crackers mushed on top bring you back to childhood, which is a helpful healer, too.

Chicken Noodle Soup | Garlic, My Soul

Looking for something more traditional? Try some chicken noodle soup – just like Mom’s! This is great in the freezer, too, for a back-up stock (because let’s be real, who wants to cook when they’re sick?)

Beet Greens & Citrus Smoothie | Garlic, My Soul

If all else fails, make yourself a big ole smoothie and suck it down and feel the healthy coming out of your bones. This Beet Orange Smoothie is perfect for this season, but do what you feel in your heart – whatever veg and fruit you have in the fridge will suffice!

What are some of your go-to cold remedies? I’d love to hear them – I am always adding some to my arsenal!


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