Baby Bok Choy Shrimp & Cashew Stir Fry

Posted on by Jennie

Paleo Cashew Stirfry | Garlic, My Soul


4-5 heads of Baby Bok Choy
1 pound shrimp
1 pound bag of roasted and salted cashews
2 cups mushrooms
1 tbsp garlic powder (or 2 cloves fresh garlic)
kosher salt to taste
lemon pepper to taste
paprika to taste
21 Seasoning Salute to taste (recommended, available at Trader Joes)
1/2 lemon (for juice)
Olive oil
Optional: use coconut aminos as a substitution for soy sauce if desired.


1. Coat wok with olive oil and put on high heat
2. Add cashews and mushrooms and sauté
3. Add seasoning
4. Cook until cashews are browned
5. Add shrimp and baby bok choy. Add lemon.
6. Cook until shrimp is done and bok choy is soft and tender
*if using frozen shrimp, you can add them when you start cooking the cashews and mushrooms

Type: Main Course, Paleo
Author: Jennie
Difficulty: Easy




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